5 Easy Drinking Low ABV Wines For Isolation

5 Easy Drinking Low ABV Wines For Isolation-Unico Zelo

As much as we love a full bodied red or a rich flavoured white, high alcohol wines can get pretty austere if you drink them too often - and it's rare to find yourself in the mood for them. We believe big dense styles, are best saved for special occasions and great food once the Champagne has run dry. On a day to day basis, we find ourself leaning to more lean, crisp, lighter bodied wines - especially in the warmer months, and thank god that there is far more variety available for us these days in this genre (if you will...)

Sadly, there are not going to be too many times where you'll be able to crack open that nice Shiraz you've been sitting on for a minute, and you #WhiteBurgundySluts (Unico Patent Pending) will just have to test your patience a little further - but luckily there is a vast array of Low ABV wines for you to chew on whilst those get that little bit better with age! And lucky for you, the team at Unico have picked a few epic ones for you to get your lips round! Happy Smashing!

NV M&J Becker Piquette


Piquette is our new fascination. It's going to be a big, big thing in the coming year, and for good reason. It's essentially produced from leftover grape pressings or pomace after the juice has been extracted to ferment for your wine! There is HEAPS of fermentable sugars left in the grapes and there is a great way to get those out of there - water! Basically you get the skins, cover them in a healthy slosh of water, leave it for a few days, press off the liquid, ferment until dry and voila! You have a "wine product" that generally sits around 4-8% ABV that's made from waste - how cool is that! Epic organic producer from the Hunter Valley M&J Becker have just released one and it's definitely worth getting your mitts on - welcome to a new world!

Blind Corner - South West Cooler


Blind Corner are a pretty amazing winery. They're one of Australia's largest certified organic and natural wine producers, and the wines speak for themselves - all Margaret River class. They've recently just dropped these sweet little tinnies called the South West Cooler! Pretty simple stuff here, lighter style Nouveau Syrah cut down to 6% ABV with rainwater then carbonated - just cause it's simple doesn't mean it's badass and bloody delicious. Bright, plush and outrageously refreshing - just grab a 6 pack, whack em in the chilly bin, and enjoy. Very cool.

Yetti & the kOkOnut - Metro Savagnin


We've been talking about them a bit recently - partly because they're in this months Unico + Co pack - but pretty much all of Yetti & the kOkOnut's wines are at VERY reasonable ABV levels. This is another Savagnin, that was only JUST snubbed from being in the pack for April, but is still downright delicious, coming in at a very reasonable 10.4% ABV. All organic from McLaren Vale, whole bunch pressed and barrel fermented and just like all their wines, it's a great balance of natural acidity and sublime texture without sacrificing flavour. Lemony freshness is here in spades - once again from the boys, stellar stuff!

Saracco - Moscato D'asti


Forget what you know about Moscato, good Moscato is underrated. It's not just bulk made, sickly sweet, super cheap and pumped into 4L sacks destined to be pinned to a clothesline. The town of Asti produces some of the worlds finest examples of Moscato -the appellation of Mostato D'asti. Generally around 5-6% Acohol, slighlty frizzante and only a LITTLE BIT SWEET - not sickly, just enough to balance high acidity. Uber refreshing. There is a wide range of different options but we dig this one from Saracco, and it comes in an awesome 375ml format - a little hand grenade of joy! Unico: de-stigmatising Moscato one email at a time. 

Mac Forbes - 'Drink Pink' Syrah Rose


We've said it heaps and we'll say it again. We love Mac. He makes delicious wine. This is a Rosé he made. He made it from Syrah. It's only 10% ABV. It's Pink. It's really, really yummy. It's only $25. Buy some. Get it ice cold. Drink it. Smile. Don't even think about it. 

BONUS: Unico Greco


We don't wanna toot our own horn but we will. We made this super yummy Greco last year from the Riverland - we we're gonna blend it into Esoterico but it was so good we left it solo. It came in at 9.9% ABV and we were stunned! So, so good. Stop us if you've heard this before but a little birdy said there's only a TEENY amount of this left - so if you want some, GET SOME.  

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