Isolation Survival Guide #4

Isolation Survival Guide #4-Unico Zelo

Back at it again here in Week 4, trawling the internet for good content so you don't have to! Hopefully by now you've picked up one of our ISO 6 PACKS because my word they are FLYING out the door - and it goes without saying but we'll say it again anyway - thank you so much. News from us? Vintage is nearly done! Not much fruit left to process, it's just all that tinkering, all the finer adjustments to make sure what's coming out tastes bloody good. The best it can be. But more on that later - more things to keep you entertained!

We've got a few deep cuts this week. Former Josephine Pignolet Chef of the Year Pasta recipies. YouTube Radio. We're really getting down to the deep parts of the web here. But arguably some of the best parts - check it out!


Will Smith - chill beats to quarantine to

If you've been on the internet long enough, you may have run into the CLASSIC YouTube radio channel lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study toIt's become a bit of an icon - especially amongst students - and it's one of the most constantly streamed channels on the internet. It's not music to write home about, but it fits a purpose. In a hilarious twist, the Fresh Prince himself, Will Smith, has uploaded a 90+ minute mix entitled chill beats to quarantine to, with a clear riff on that classic stream, with some custom artwork inspired by the original. The music pretty similar, but what it really highlights is Will Smith keeps his finger well and truly on the pulse, bringing joy to the masses in a non cringey celebrity way... you know what we're talking about...



The Matrix Trilogy

One of the best things about Netflix is that every month there is a big bump up in their offering. Not just new stuff, not just Netflix productions, but a deep collection of classics. April is no different - and they've got some gooduns. Django Unchained is BACK! If you've never seen Taxi Driver, absolutely no better time than now. But for us - as die hard Keanu fans - we're gonna be watching The Matrix Trilogy. PLENTY of content to keep us entertained. Rewatch and re-live the amazing The Matrix, the really damn good The Matrix Reloaded and the not as good but worth watching to complete the trifecta The Matrix Revolutions. Start a Netflix watch party, order a pizza from a good local and settle in.  


Mitch Orr's (@instakrill) epic pasta recipes.
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Since we've all by now either hoarded all the pasta at the supermarket (please don't be one of those people) or have mastered the art of pasta from scratch - the Prince of Pasta, Mitch Orr has been sharing his power to the people, with some Step by Steps of his takes on classic pasta recipes. The man behind the legendary ACME and now head chef at Cicciabella has been putting up his Bolognese, Aglio, Arrabbiata and most importantly Carbonara - without the cream, never cream.  The best thing about them? Cheap, basic and super easy, they've all just got a little bit of flair and take inspiration from a lot of South-East Asian and Japanese Cuisine, to take them up to the next level - fish and soy sauce in Bolognese? Genius. Take your classic Wednesday night meals up a notch.


Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat by Samin Norsat

An essential book for anyone who loves good food and good tasting things in general, the basics that allow you to train that palate: Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. Samin Norsat delves deep into those four key flavour categories, and throughout the book, gives you the tools to increase your tasting ability, and search for the right flavours to bring balance to every good meal. The pedigree of the book is strong too - New York Times best seller and it won a James Beard award. Foodie bookshelf staple. Can't be bothered reading? We won't judge - Samin herself executive produced a Netflix series based on it! But we always recommend the book as it's just got that little bit more detail...


Two Tonne Tasmania 2019 Release

Ya'll ready for some of the best value booze in the country that's not Unico Zelo? We thought so. Ricky "Bobby" Evans has just dropped his Two Tonne Tasmania 2019 release and it is sublime. In his words "the fruit and the wines from 2019 are the best i've ever seen" - do you really need much more than that? The Riesling has got that faint touch of sweetness to balance the acid and it's a rippa. The Chardonnay has got this wonderful lick of the ocean running through it, over the top of pristine fruit quality, and his two Pinot Nior's from the Tamar Valley and Eastern Tasmania are a complete steal at $35 each. Hit his website, grab a mixed six of these wine in any order, get em asap, and dig in. These are exceptional.   




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