5 Ways to Upskill in Isolation!

Got plenty of time on your hands? Have something you've always wanted to have a crack at. Learn to Juggle? Make bread from scratch? Master a headstand? No better time than now - and we've got some ourselves! Our legendary sales weapon Kerri - she's been packing a LOT of your orders - has dived deep into the web and found some fun things to do to take your mind off of everything and keep cabin fever at bay. No Shining situations happening here... yet... Check out this epic list! Onya Kerri!

Fender Play

In 1993, Radiohead released a song entitled 'Everyone Can Play Guitar'. In 2020 that's never been more true - you can learn guitar without even leaving the couch! Iconic guitar manufacturer Fender has put together these awesome, bite size lessons and guides on how to play guitar. Geared towards the beginner guitarist, not for you semi-pro's out there, but a great resource to learn a new riff, or start with a new instrument! The platform hosts lessons for acoustic, electric and bass guitars, as well as ukulele - bonus, they’re giving the first 10,000 people to sign up 3 free months of these classes - how, bloody, good! Kerri herself is actually doing this so we'll let you know how this goes! Maybe we've got the next Hendrix in the warehouse, or St. Vincent! Or maybe we're all in for a world of pain...

Khan Academy

Learning from home can be a drag, but these short topical videos captivatingly cover a multitude of topics - Science, Maths, Computing, Economics - at every level - Primary, Secondary and Tertiary. With great coverage of the basics of topics, supporting diagrams, and interactive platforms you can work alongside, if you’ve got kids at home, or just want to stretch your brain cells out of their comfort zone. This Non-Profit deserves a MASSIVE shout out for making education so accessible and approachable! 

Power Living - Yogaholics

With the closure of public gyms, you might be missing out on a workout by this point, or feel a bit rusty. Not to worry, when gyms, yoga studios and PTs alike, are switching to offer streaming classes. One of our staff picks is Power Living. Work along pose by pose, quick classes, or 90 minute sessions. They also offer some great meditation tips, yoga philosophies and inspiration to keep active and keep improving. Our customer service weapon and box packing machine Amanda can attest to the awesomeness of Yogaholics - You'll never want to go to the gym again!

Bunnings DIY Advice

God Bless Bunnings. Sadly, we've temporarily waved goodbye to the beloved Bunnings snag, but before we're truly in lock down, it's time to pick up the supplies you need since you’ve now got time for all those home-improvement projects. The legends from Bunnings have got a great DIY page for advice about tools, painting, creative storage solutions, gardening - and start your own veggie patch or herb garden! With tutorial videos, and step by step instructions, keep your screen close by from start to finish and create some home masterpieces. Best paired with your own home cooked snag - it's just not the same, but it's damned close.


Becoming a better cook right now is the best way to give back to those you love you may be isolated with - and the internet is here to teach you! What happens when a pop-culture nerd embraces his culinary love? Fantastic food, recreations of cult classics and the pursuit of perfection, with many of his dishes joining the “clean plate club”. Taking inspiration from the meals in your favourite TV shows and movies, Andrew Rae improves on his creations, sharing his tips and tricks, elevating your cult favourites to the next level. Cook along with the YouTube videos, browse the website for recipes, or go old school and get the Binging with Babish cookbook. Bolster your basic kitchen skills watching Basics with Babish, and when you’re confident, have a crack at the 100 meat burrito - one of anything the shops have left on the shelves...

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