The Unico Cru Holiday Wine List

The Unico Cru Holiday Wine List-Unico Zelo

We love wine. We love a list. We love wine lists the most. We also love the Holidays - and they're so close we can almost taste them, along with all the food that comes with it... So we've put together a list of some wines that we'll be taking to some of our upcoming family catchups, beach sessions with mates and the bounty of BBQ's we'll surely be attending - wines that will wash down the massive quantities of food we'll be consuming with them, and make it EVEN TASTIER! There's some iconic Australian Chrissy wines and wines that make us salivate on those summer scorchers. Some a bit more cutting edge, some tried and true staples. So! Here's your December shopping list:


 Best's Great Western 2016 Sparkling Shiraz

Sparkling Red: It's an Australian staple of the Holiday table. It's kinda the only time you can drink it - it's just a wine that feels indulgent and celebratory in all the right ways. And if you wanna be indulgent, get the best - and by the best I mean Best's Great Western Sparkling Shiraz. Cult adored and made in short supply, it's one of Australia's finest examples of this uniquely Australian wine style. Laser precise balance of juicy red fruits and decadent chocolate. Don't even think about it.


Dormilona 2019 'Yokel' Chenin Blanc Pet-Nat

Jo Perry of Dormilona straight outta Margaret River is one our house favourite winemakers, an absolute wizard with Chenin Blanc - whether it be a more traditional style or fermented in amphora. This time it's naturally fizzy - and from the Swan Valley. Straight Chenin Blanc, skin fermented for 10 days left to ferment till ALMOST dry, so expect just a little bit of sweetness. But far out this thing is refreshing. The ultimate wine to sip after just getting out the ocean. Banging stuff.


CRFT 2019 'Arranmore Vineyard' Grüner Veltliner

Wanna start a conversation round the BBQ? Ask people to pronounce Grüner Veltliner. For the uninitiated, Grüner is an Austrian native grape that's found a second home in the Adelaide Hills - and it's quickly become one of Australias fastest growing varieties! Think Riesling but as defined and elegant as as samurai sword. The legends Candice and Frewin of CRFT make 3 different Grü's from 3 different sites - but this one extra special as it's from their home Arranmore Vineyard. It's fine boned and angular, with pepper running over fresh pear, this is so fresh and so clean. Delightfully crisp and saline - perfect for a bloody hot one. 


Joshua Cooper 2018 'Captains Creek' Chardonnay

Hooooo-boy - this one is made for impressing the wine fans in your fam, made by an impressive young winemaker. Joshua Cooper has been making some incredible drops outta the Macedon Ranges, and his Chardonnays in no uncertain terms are NEXT. FREAKING. LEVEL. This from the Captains Creek vineyard could be a modern Aussie classic - it's that damn good. Chablis can sit down for a second, we've got a new oyster wine. Apex Chardonnay - take this one to meet the in-laws. A power move courtesy of a powerful wine. 


Latta Vino 2018 'What-A-Melon' Rose

Summer is improved by rosé. Honestly summer shouldn't exist without rosé and rosé shouldn't exist without summer. There is a vast plethora of awesome rosés from around the country but there are some that are a bit out there in all the right ways - Enter What-A-Melon. Owen Latta of Latta Vino (and the epic Eastern Peake) has crafted a rosé that tastes like watermelon. Seriously. A blend of Sangiovese, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir - It's one of those wines that has to be drunk to be believed. Drink this in a tumbler with ice and feel the smile form on your face. Pair with... watermelon?


Gentle Folk 2019 'Vin de Sofa' Red Blend

We're of the mind that if you're gonna drink red in summer, it's gotta be served cold. Over ice or out the esky, that's how it's gotta be - and every year Gareth Belton belts it out the park with his Vin de Sofa. It's one of Australia's most consistent light reds, always playful but ever changing - the blend pretty much changes annually. This year it's Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris doing the heavy lifting and it's as fresh, vibrant and aromatic as ever. If you've not experienced this Gentle Folk classic - get it on your lips while you can, stocks never last long.


Spinifex 2018 Syrah

In complete contrast to our previous wine, this is a Barossa Shiraz. It's inevitable someone around the lunch table - most likely your dad - will ask 'where's the red?' and by red they mean, big, ballsy Shiraz. Instead of a swift and trendy response of 'OK Boomer', offer THIS - Spinifex's Barossa Syrah! Yes it's still got those classic ripe fruits like plums and prunes, but they frollick in the glass with more aromatic spices like anise and pepper, and a frisky herbaceous character. Avoid the dreaded family holiday argument with a Shiraz all can enjoy!




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