Our Favourite Booze-Casts.

Our Favourite Booze-Casts.-Unico Zelo

We're kind of addicted to learning. Avid consumers of books, bingers of Ted Talks and documentaries to no end - always hungry for brain food! More often than not we're trying to be better at doing what we do, and that's make really good wine. We spend a lot of time on planes, sharing what we do with the world at large, and also - when we are at home - we spend a lot of time driving between vineyards. And the best way to train that brain while travelling is of course, Podcasts. The rise of popularity has been quite a surprise to many - who knew fake radio shows could be this popular? But now it's a fantastic platform for comedy, history, storytelling, and basically just a good conversation. For us, we still love to learn more about our industry at large, so any kind of wine podcast is right up our alley - even podcasts about beer and spirits to help us learn a few things from our other fermentation and distillation enthusiasts! So we've got a quick little list of our favourites! We've rated them from the more casual and fun (light-bodied) to the more serious, nerdy and professional (full-bodied). Happy Listening!


That's The Drink Talking


This is an easy pitch: Two great Australian comedians David Quirk and Harley Breen record live at iconic Melbourne pub the Espy, talking all things beverage with the people behind good beverages whilst enjoying good beverages, and a 'Guest Bar Fly', more often than not, generally another killer comedian. Can't go wrong - and it doesn't! Since the boys - like your average comedian - have an affinity for the fine fermented malt beverage, a lot of these focus on craft beer which is nice for us cause we love a froffy too. While they chat with some of beers finest producers (Edge, Fixation, Stomping Ground) they have forayed into it and hope to do more, interviewing Four Pillars' titan Cam McKenzie and on the wine side of things, Dan Buckle from Mornington's Circe! As far as the funny people, think Tom Gleeson, Nick Cody, Luke McGregor and Dave Thornton - hell, Australian music icon Tim Rogers gets on the pod! Expect a mix of technical talk, and questions from curious novices - i.e. the hosts - and a lot of laughs.


In Vino

Medium Bodied

New hot, local podcast here! Up in sunny old Brisbane, local boys Ben and Mark are on a mission to showcase the best in Australian wine, and share it with us all! Charming and easy to listen to gentlemen - it's one of the more relaxed podcasts around, easy to sink your teeth into. Heck, they let us on it! Their first interview is with our own Brendan Carter as he sips on some Luke Lambert Syrah and chats all things Unico - definitely worth a listen if you're a fan of what we do! Sponsored by Different Drop, they've got access to a good plethora of wine that they're stoked to recommend to you - this is making wine shopping a whole lot easier! Top shelf.


Natural Disasters


Definitely one of the more well known wine podcasts and for good reason - this has got some pedigree. Natural Disasters is hosted by Marissa A. Ross (wine editor for Bon Appétit) and Adam Vourvoulis (sommelier, winemaker and owner of the notorious Instagram account @Natural_Whine - which if you're not following, do it now) and it's dedicated to celebrating, discussing and debunking the myths of the natural wine movement - it's nothing but natural and it's been their intention since day dot. The joy of the podcast though, is in it's approachability - if you're just starting to geek out on natural wine, this is a great place to learn more about faults vs. flaws, organic farming & dry farming and essentially the pillars of the movement. But their also naturally great podcasters, both having a great sense of humour (Ross was an aspiring comic before falling into wine writing) and with short sharp episodes generally about 30 minutes long - this is very, very easy to churn through.


I'll Drink To That


Okay this one is hardcore, this is not for the faint of heart. This is the industry standard podcast. It's for true wine nerds. What's great about I'll Drink to That is its deep detail, for winemakers and sommeliers dedicated to learning more about regions, terroir, different varieties and winemaking techniques but also about particular producers. Host Levi Dalton, a former sommelier, gives fantastic in-depth interviews and dissecting particular topics like whole cluster or literally just tackling the grape of Aligoté - contributor Erin Scalia provides some fantastic essays for your audible consumption! If you're really looking to get technical, there isn't a better podcast. 

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