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Pristine citrus qualities, brimming with grapefruit and lime zest and a clean and mean mineral structure. One of our finest examples of Fiano yet!
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Variety: Fiano
Region: Birdwood, Adelaide Hills
Soil Type: Alluvial Quartz-Shot Clay
Vintage: 2021
Alcohol: 12.5% ABV
Volume: 750ml
Traditional Owners Peramangk Country

Winemaker's Notes:
Ever had a wine that tastes like you're drinking a lazer? Well, we've made one - Alluvium. We've worked with the epic Mylkappa Vineyards, which are just around the corner from our Gumeracha winery in Birdwood, who planted this Fiano (along with some Nero) only a few years ago - you wouldn't pick it after tasting this. 

Lemongrass, lime-leaf, guava, but there is that incredible flinty, reductive whiff that is always here when the wine is in peak form. As you may pick up - it is in peak form. So much grapefruit and quartz charging down the middle of the palate, with bits of jasmine and nectarine trailing in its wake. I don’t think we’ve captured the Birdwood soil profile so well in a wine before. You could chew on this acid for days. Alluvium feels special this year.
One of our finest examples of Fiano yet!

vegan friendly


photos shot at the epic
Shobosho & Sho Yakatori in Adelaide

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