To ring in summer (and the launch of our pink pet nat) we’re hosting the first ever #unicosabreoff  ⚔️🍾

From December 1st to 15th, post your best wine bottle sabrage video to instagram using
​the hashtag #unicosabreoff and tag @unicozelo to enter.

Our favourite sabre will win a case of pink pet nat and eternal glory. 🏆

Extra style awards include: The Bougie-est Bottle Pop (white gloves required)🧤 The MacGyver Award (use anything but a blade) 🍌 and for the most cinematic submission: The Tarantino Award. 😎🎥

​These will all get a unico prize pack for their extra panache.

Sabrage /səˈbrɑːʒ/ is a technique for opening a champagne bottle with a sabre, used for ceremonial occasions.

​The wielder slides the sabre along the body seam of the bottle to the lip to break the top of the neck away, leaving the neck of the bottle open and ready to pour.

All you have to do is grab a bottle of sparkling - any bottle, Unico or otherwise, your weapon of choice, decapitate that closure, film it, chuck it on Instagram, and you’re in the running for the noble title of Lord Of The Sabre.

Get chopping! sabre responsibly. 

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