Junk Food Wine: Pub Feed Pairings!

Junk Food Wine: Pub Feed Pairings!

God I really miss the Pub. While a lot of states across the country are letting their Pubs open their doors to the public - yay for you Northern Territory - and the rest of us are making their way to opening, we're yearning for the taste of that first froffy. I miss tap beer, meat trays, the footy on - ok I have to stop because I'll get sad. But what I do love is a bloody good Pub Feed! Wholesome, simple, heartwarming and calorie dense. The best. While more often than not, i'm drinking a beer with pretty much all of the below meals, doesn't make it the best match for any of them, honestly since the meals themselves are so dense, you want something a bit fresher and textural than beer. So we're here to do the hardwork for you - Pub Feed Wine Matching. This is some groundbreaking business. Just make me a Master Somm already. Time to get stuck in! 

The Chicken Schnitzel - Gruner Veltliner 

You can't have a pub without the almighty schnitty. How can you not love a schnitty. A good one is crispy, juicy delicousness along side a bed of chips (don't get me started on the "on top of chips" or "next to chips" debate). A cornerstone of this country. As far as a pairing goes, you need something with high acid to cleanse the palate, a nice layer of texture, and a herbaceous edge to pair with the herb crumb - and that's Gruner Veltliner to a T. Plenty of good Gruner littered around the hills but lets go to the O.G.s out at Hahndorf Hill - known for the best Gruner in the world outside of Austria! Their 'Gru' Gruner is sublime, a hallmark example of the variety. Schitty and Gru. The Best. Or you could just get a Pint or a glass of Bird in Hand Sparkling.

The Parmy - Orange Wine

Can't talk about the Scnitt with out mentioning the Parmigiana. The No.1 Schnitt add on around the country, who doesn't love a Parmy (no one better @ me with your 'Parma' nonsense). As far as a paring goes, this is where it gets tricky: Cheese. Chicken. Crumb. Tomato Sauce. Sometimes Ham. It's a pretty wild experience with a lot of flavours running wild all over your palate. You need something that can keep up with all of that, something with spice and textural energy - ta-da, Orange Wine. Think I'm crazy? Give it a crack. Grab something tasty. Grab Ravensworth Seven Month skinsy blend of Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris and Riesling. One of the best in the country from the legend Brian Martin! Or you could just get a Pint or a glass of Bird in Hand Sparkling.

The Pub Burger - Pinot Meunier 

The pub burger is different to your average burger. It's not about having a simple cheesburger, or a really good chicken sandwich. It's about 'The Lot'. It's got to have literally everything on that patty. Cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, beetroot, egg, it's not uncommon to see onion rings. It's pretty chaotic, but none the less delicious. You're definitely in need of something perfumed, bright and lovely chilled, so a nice light bodied red is supreme here. Murdoch Hill make some of the best Pinot Meunier in Australia with their Surrey, smashing stuff and extremely smashable too. Trust me, a Burger and Light Red. Perfect. Or you could just get a Pint or a glass of Bird in Hand Sparkling.

Salt & Pepper Squid - Semillon

In my opinion: Salt & Pepper Squid or Calamari is our national dish. Made from produce found around many coastlines around this country, and cooked with techniques that showcase our multiculturalism, and it's on every single bloody pub menu, fish and chip shop, Chinese Take away joint and probably plenty of cafe's. And not to mention - yum. Crispy, clean, and with a side of Aoli, truly magical by the spray of the ocean. It's absolutely necessary to have a glass of white wine pair this. Let's go some Semillion, no better place to go than the Hunter Valley! Angus Vinden is one of those winemakers to watch, producing some outrageously good wines with immense value. His Headcase Semillon is a perfect example. Now that's an Australian pairing if there ever was one. Or you could just get a Pint or a glass of Bird in Hand Sparkling.

Wedges with Sour Cream & Sweet Chilli Sauce - Sauvignon Blanc

This a genius comination. Any excuse to eat a huge bucket of potatoes and so much sour cream it comes out of your eyeballs. And sweet chilli sauce? Absolutely incredible. I have no shame in exclaiming how much I love this stuff. It's basic but who cares, what it needs is a spicy Savvy B to pair it with. No grassy nonsense, something delicious. Gentle Folk make a ripper from Summertown, no snide remarks needed. Don't think, just rip in, indulge. Or you could just get a Pint or a glass of Bird in Hand Sparkling.

Steak - House Red


Can't do a Pub Pairing without mentioning a good pub steak, but pairing isn't that hard. Just grab a glass of the pubs house red. Hopefully it's pretty good. Or you could just get a Pint or a glass of Bird in Hand Sparkling.

Roast of the Day - Shiraz

The icon of the Pub, the roast of the day. Big hunks from the butcher with a side of veg and gravy. Ugh - so good, perfect when you really want something homely but you don't want to spend 3 hours whipping it up. Best to leave it to the professionals. Now you just need a glass of Shiraz - what else are you going to have? Get something delicious. Charlotte Hardy of Charlotte Dalton makes a ripper from the Hills with Love Me, Love You. Nothing too overt, nothing too subtle. Just lovely. Make sure that steak has a lot of pepper and this will do wonderfully. Or you could just get a Pint or a glass of Bird in Hand Sparkling.


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