5 Wines From the Livestream That You Need to Try!

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We started our live-stream Wine For The People for one reason: community. At the beginning of COVID-19, we knew we wanted to keep that sentiment of the conviviality of sharing a glass of wine with friends and family, despite us being in isolation. We asked a whole bunch of our friends in all facets of the industry, chefs, front of house staff, distributors, bar owners and operators, and of course, incredible winemakers. What we were treated to was incredible insights from all corners of the industry we adore, and since we play a lot of Blind Wine Tasting, we got to enjoy a lot of incredible wine - some made by our guests or the wine they brought for Options. So, to pass on some of the wines that we think are worth your while, we thought we'd share with you, the drops that got us REALLY excited, stuff to keep your eyes on, stuff to fill your cellar with, and stuff for immediate drinking. Enjoy - share the love!  
Hersey Vineyard - Clos Kuipto

Hersey Vineyard - Clos Kuipto

Absolutely remarkable value. When one of our new favourite people Jono Hersey first came on the show - before the madness of him cooking marron live - he brought along one of the wines that he's crafted with his brand Hersey Vineyard, his Clos Kuipto Chardonnay. For $25 a bottle, you need to grab a dozen. This is an absolute steal, great for drinking now but we reckon this thing has got legs in the cellar. Full malolactic ferment in almost entirely seasoned French oak, it's textural, saline, rippling with brioche, stone fruit and citrus, held together with a line of crackling acidity. Outrageous. Get some now.



Guroo - Shiraz

While sadly this is not quite available yet, it's coming soon and we're lucky enough to have tasted it early thanks to Nick Dugmore of the Stoke Wines - and it's brilliant. Guroo, a project from the Southern Artisans crew (The Stoke Wines, SKEW), is dedicated to showcasing the potential brilliance of wines from Kangaroo Island, a region that hasn't had the popularity a region would hope for, and they're getting collaborative asking some of the state's best to craft wines from KI fruit. And you can't really go wrong with getting Charlotte Hardy of Charlotte Dalton to make some Shiraz from KI, because with her masterful hand, she's crafted a wine of poise, precision and overall deliciousness. Is this the best wine from KI ever? Possibly. Keep a very, very keen eye out!

Contini - Vernaccia Di Oristano

Contini - Vernaccia Di Oristano

Not for the faint of heart, but this is a wine that we absolutely adored when we had the incomparable Sharon Romeo and Gill Gordon-Smith on, bringing plenty of energy and plenty of Italian Wine - their shared passion. Made from a variety we really have very little knowledge about, Vernaccia di Oristano, from the island of Sardinia, something we're only learning a little more about as we have more guests on (see the Rose Kentish episode too!), it's crafted in an oxidative style under a veil of flor yeast in a fino sherry style without fortification, this is a nutty and alluring drop that we were absolutely gobsmacked with. We're lucky we can get our hands on this in Australia through Enoteca, something great for immediate drinking and definitely something to lock away - we had a 2004 vintage (!!!). If you're a fan of oxidatively handled wine, get your hands on some. 

Sven Joschke -  Sangiovese

 Sven Joschke -  Sangiovese

No shame about it: we gushed over Sven Joschke's wines when we had him on the show. We'd been a fan as soon we tried his Sangiovese, so much so that Brendan actually sent legendary wine critic Mike Bennie a message saying: "you need to review this". Update: Bennie gave it 93 points. Yeah, it's pretty amazing. Light, brambly and fresh, it's kinda what we love about red wine, structure, tannin and spritly acidity. Loves a chill too! We also tried all his other wines and they're all bloody exceptional too (Adelaide Hills Chardonnay and a Barossa Grenache the standouts). And it just so happen's Sven's a ripper dude to boot - with only a few vintages under his belt, the guy's got a bright future. Can't wait to see it. 

Camwell - Nero D'avola

Camwell - Nero D'avola

We may not have actually tried this exact wine on the show, but we've tried a bunch of Camwell's wines from McLaren Vale, and we've pretty much adored them all. We're putting our chips on Brad and Kendra, cause we reckon their gonna be one of the bright sparks of the region in the next few years because they're producing some belter examples of Grenache, Mourvedre and one of our favs, Nero D'avola. They only made one tonne of the stuff in 2019 so you know that means stupidly limited bottles, so get behind the new kids on the block so you can tell your friends what's what!

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