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Disco Caviar

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We co-fermented a couple of Brendan's favourite things: Fiano & Finger Limes. Aromatically this screams Kaffir Lime Leaf and Finger Limes. All that we love about the high octane acidity of Fiano - with a Margarita-style twist.
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NSFW White

Our much loved Moscato Giallo that we use liberally in Esoterico is the core of this Almost White with our new friend Grenache. A racy and herbal take on something almost like a rosé - the Funkworks way- stupidly smashable and in no way is this serious, but this is hella fun.
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We’ve blended Touriga Nacional - yes, our first-ever crack at it - from Langhorne Creek no less - with our beloved Adelaide Hills Fiano. The result is what could be the most ridiculously juicy wine we’ve ever made, all black and red fruits - not an ounce of winemaker-y-ness here.

From the famed “wine state” of South Australia, Unico Zelo unlocks a fun, flavour-filled future for Australian-made ones. We believe our personification of modern, new-age wine pioneering combined with deep-seated roots rich Australian culture of traditional flavours and winemaking know-how, is the key to showcasing to the world Australia’s prowess as a winemaking trailblazer.

Becoming one of Australia's most unique and innovative winemakers involves real passion, not only for our wines, but for the future of Australia and our produce. We connect the new with the old, turning tried-and-tested tastes into innovative, tantalising textures and tangency to reflect the next generation of wine drinks, while staying true to, and honouring, the traditions of the winemakers of old.

Venture into you next Vino-adventure with steadfast dedication and knowledge that your palate will be in for a real treat, shop our latest range of Unico Zelo wines online today via our online wine shop buy wine online today from Unico Zelo to quench your thirst and experience the best of South Australia – it’s who we are, it’s what we do:  Wine For The People.

Great Australian wines from great Australian vines – that’s the Unico Zelo promise. As passionate wine drinkers ourselves, we love what we do, and we think we’re pretty good at it as well (from the tonnes of positive reviews and the thousands of Australians who buy wine online from us)! We love what we do, and have loads of fun doing it! By learning more about Australia’s native produce, it's positive effects on our land, and the journey we can take you on through alluring colours, glorious flavours, and tempestuous textures, shop our wine online Australia range today with our exciting Funkworks range, classic Harvest collection, or even our sense-stimulating Rip Tear Share wine online series – there’s something for everyone!

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