Fresh A.F.

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Fresh A.F.
The freshest, zippiest style of red wine. A succulent, juicy, aromatic and supremely refreshing wine. A touch of ancient vine Zibibbo results in smashability.
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Variety:  Nero d'Avola & Zibibbo*
Region:  Barmera, Riverland
Soil Type:  Ancient Sandy Limestone Soils
Vintage: 2021
Alcohol: 13% ABV
Volume: 750ml
Traditional Owners  Ngawait Country

Winemaker's Notes:
If anywhere in the world could make the freshest, zippiest style of Red - you'd expect it to be in the middle of the desert. Hailing from some of the most ancient soils on earth - The Riverland, is a complete underdog region that epitomises what it is to craft fine wine on the edge. Rich red earth, sandy soils covering limestone. Challenging, avant-garde - and one of the most exciting wines we've crafted to date. We're intensely passionate about Nero d'Avola and it's clear potential in the warm, sun-drenched spots of Australia. The insane water-efficiency of this variety coupled with no additions in the vineyard or winery (save for a small component of SO2 at bottling) displays the potential for this variety to craft succulent, juicy, aromatic and supremely refreshing wine. A touch of ancient vine Zibibbo lifts the aroma into supreme smashability. Fresh. A.F. You've been warned.
*Big Love to the No Mafia crew, who in 2018 collaborated with us to produce the most tasty thing to ever have come out of Unico Zelo: Nero Z - it was so damn popular our previously named 'The River' Nero evolved hand-in-hand with a dash of Zibibbo to become 'Fresh A.F.' in honour of their blood, sweat and tears - oh...and the fact folks wouldn't stop hounding us for it!

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