Esoterico 2014

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Spicy - Tight - Energetic

Variety: Sauvignon Blanc - Riesling - Muscat d'Alessandria - Fiano

Region: Adelaide Hills & Riverland

Soil: Quartz-Shot Clay & Sand On Limestone

Vintage: 2014

Winemaker's Notes

One of the most captivating things in winemaking is the constant struggle between Art and Science - crafting a pinpoint precise, squeaky clean wine - or embracing your inner creative, and searching for more ethereal experiences. We've had a desire to create a wine like this for some time. In representation of a winemaking style that has existed for many millennia out of countries like Georgia, and influenced the styles of winemaking seen in Friuli, Sicily and Pantelleria. It's not exactly white wine, nor red - many call it Orange or Amber wine...but we like to call is Esoterico. It's a purposeful blend of four white wine varieties, left on their skins (much like red wine) - to develop rich aromatics and a lean, driven palate. Being very aware of how drying these wines could be - we specifically sought four varieties - Muscat d'Alessandria and Fiano (for their sweeter aromatics and waxy/oily mouthfeel) Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc (for their sharp aromatics and crisp, tight mouthfeel). In varying amounts, we seek to achieve a synergistic orchestra between components. We make no additions of any kind - save for sulphur when we bottle the wine. There is no fining or filtration involved, with the wine allowed to clarify by gravity alone - resulting in a slight haze and sediment. This was one of the most enjoyable wines to craft, as there was no preconceived idea of what it must taste like - the chief driver was drinkability. We searched for a wine that gave you the thirst - a 'scrumptious' quality - mouthwatering acidity and 'say hello!' tannins. It's a Bohemian at heart - a burst of creative flavors, driven to find higher meaning in every manner possible - beauty is the only goal - of the world and the inner self. ​