Esoterico - Unico Zelo


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Spicy - Tight - Energetic

Variety: Bianco d’Alessano - Muscat d’Alessandria - Fiano

Region: Barmera, Riverland & Birdwood, Adelaide Hills

Soil: Clay on Limestone & Alluvial Quartz-Shot Clay

Vintage: 2017

Winemaker's Notes

One of the most captivating things in winemaking is the constant struggle between Art and Science - crafting a pinpoint precise, squeaky clean wine - or embracing your inner creative, and searching for more ethereal experiences. We've had a desire to create a wine like this for some time. It's not exactly white wine, nor red - many call it Orange or Amber wine...but we like to call it Esoterico. It's a purposeful blend of three white wine varieties, left on their skins (much like red wine) - to develop rich aromatics and a lean, driven palate. Being very aware of how drying these wines could be - we specifically sought Muscat d'Alessandria (for it’s sweeter aromatics and waxy/oily mouthfeel), Moscato Giallo (for it’s acidity) and Fiano (for it’s astringency). In varying amounts, we seek to achieve a synergistic orchestra between components. We make no additions of any kind - save for sulphur when we bottle the wine. There is no fining or filtration involved, with the wine allowed to clarify by gravity alone - resulting in a slight haze and sediment. This was one of the most enjoyable wines to craft, as there was no preconceived idea of what it must taste like - the chief driver was drinkability. We searched for a wine that gave you the thirst - a 'scrumptious' quality - mouthwatering acidity and 'say hello!' tannins. It's a Bohemian at heart.

 Vegan Friendly