Grape Heads #1: The Whole Picture-Unico Zelo

Grape Heads #1: The Whole Picture

January 31 2020
We've gotten to the point where there is actually no hiding it, we can only steer into the skid a...

What We Want In Wine in 2020

December 20 2019
Welp. That's a wrap. Another year done and dusted. In fact another DECADE done and dusted - and f...
Our Favourite Booze-Casts.-Unico Zelo

Our Favourite Booze-Casts.

December 13 2019
We're kind of addicted to learning. Avid consumers of books, bingers of Ted Talks and documentari...
The Unico Cru Holiday Wine List-Unico Zelo

The Unico Cru Holiday Wine List

November 29 2019
We love wine. We love a list. We love wine lists the most. We also love the Holidays - and they'r...

The Ultimate Spritz Guide

November 1 2019
Is there a better use for sparkling wine than a spritz? There is not many cocktails that spark a...
10 Iconic Australian White Wines-Unico Zelo

10 Iconic Australian White Wines

October 5 2019
Summer is near, and we're getting licks of the impending warmer weather. Beach days, park days, ...
A quick chat with the artist behind Flossy!-Unico Zelo

A quick chat with the artist behind Flossy!

September 27 2019
It's a tradition we started last year with our Rosé called Magnifique that we give an Adelaide ba...
5 Underrated Aussie Wine Regions-Unico Zelo

5 Underrated Aussie Wine Regions

September 13 2019
We all know the icons, but what about the little guys or the dark horses left behind? Make your way around the every nook and cranny of wine country.
From Grape Beginnings: Megan Hume and Caroline Scappatura-Unico Zelo

From Grape Beginnings: Megan Hume and Caroline Scappatura

August 23 2019
What goes on inside the mind of a Team Unico Cellar Hand during the chaos of vintage and the trials and tribulations of making your first wine!
High Tops & Fly Drops-Unico Zelo

High Tops & Fly Drops

August 16 2019
The question on everyone's lips: How can I match my shoes to my wine?
6 Aussie Bangin' Orange Wines You Have To Try!-Unico Zelo

6 Aussie Bangin' Orange Wines You Have To Try!

August 15 2019
Australia is turning and entirely new leaf when it comes to avant-garde styles of wine - and orange wines are no exception! Check out 6 bangers you totally gotta try above!
Introducing Wine For The People!-Unico Zelo

Introducing Wine For The People!

August 5 2019
We're keen to build a global community of wine lovers, and help you discover and connect over our favourite topic of all time - WINE!
Netflix and Chill...ed Reds!-Unico Zelo

Netflix and Chill...ed Reds!

July 12 2019
It's time to have a night in, put on a good movie and just... chill.
Enter The Blogosphere!-Unico Zelo

Enter The Blogosphere!

June 28 2019
Well, it’s happening...Unico Zelo is finally entering the blogosphere although it’s taken quite a journey to get here...the world of wine has literally been turned upside-down (multiple times) in the last decade, and whilst the wild ride has been epic and we’ve loved every minute of it.

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