Unico + Co Subscription.
Unico + Co Subscription.
Unico + Co Subscription.
Unico + Co Subscription.
Unico + Co Subscription.

Unico + Co Subscription.

Regular price $100.00

Your Monthly Vinous Adventure.

Welcome to a new Unico Zelo experience - a monthly pack service curated by our team. We've got some super awesome wine that we want to share with you. We've also got a whole bunch of mates who also make super awesome wine. So here's the best of both worlds: a themed pack of 2 of our own epic drops plus a guest drop that we know you're gonna love! Everything will be seasonally selected, with some epic bang for your buck. You'll also get early access to releases, exclusive content - basically you'll be the FIRST and sometimes ONLY people to experience the coolest shit we do.

How Does It Work?

You can choose to either purchase our monthly pack as a complete once-off or subscribe and receive 25% off! You'll be charged on check-out and sent your first monthly box right away! Ongoing - you'll be charged on the 1st of every month, and we'll get your pack out to you in the first week - straight to your door!

Is It Worth It?

You betcha! We've been planning this for years, as a great way to add convenience to our most die-hard fans - along with introducing you to some of our mates, who we think you'll really love too! You'll be guaranteed each month:
1 x Bottle Of Our 'Rip, Tear & Share' Collection RRP: $23 Each
1 x Bottle Of Our 'Untamed' Collection RRP: $33 Each
1 x Bottle Of Our Mate's Finest Drop RRP: Approx. $30 Each
    Shipping and Handling - $12.00
      Total Guaranteed Value: $100

      What's The Catch?

      No catch! You can cancel your subscription at any time! You'll be given access to your own subscription profile for ultimate flexibility!