Pink Pet Nat

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Pink Pet Nat
Pink Pet Nat
Pink Pet Nat
Pink Pet Nat
Pink Pet Nat
Pink Pet Nat
Variety: Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, MerlotRegion: Adelaide HillsVintage: 2021Alcohol: 11.5% ABVVolu...
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Variety: Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Merlot
Region: Adelaide Hills
Vintage: 2021

Alcohol: 11.5% ABV
Volume: 750ml
Traditional Owners: Peramangk Country


Sparkling wine is a joyous thing, whether it be Grand Cru Grower Champagne or cheap as chips Prosecco, it’s built for celebrations and sunshine imbibing - but Pet Nat is truly the most democratic and exciting of the field, so it’s only fitting we added it to our Tropo range. We pieced together a lovely blush blend of Adelaide Hills Chardonnay, Skinsy Pinot Gris and a tiny dose of Merlot to make the most refreshing bubbly boy in the game. Spring strawberries, pickled cherries, red currants, ripe pear and creaming soda all at once.

A lovely dry, saline finish to boot - this will fill Unico Zelo recycling bins all summer, and probably through winter too. Join the party.

Available in a couple of fun packs:

Pink Pixel Pack

4x Pixel Piquette
1x Pink Pet Nat 
1x Tote Bag

Half Tropo 2.0

1x Tropo Sparkling
1x Tropo Pinot
1x Tropo Little Red
1x Tropo Big Red
2x Tropo Pink Pet Nat

Full Tropo 2.0

3x Tropo Sparkling
2x Tropo Pinot
2x Tropo Little Red
2x Tropo Big Red
3x Tropo Pink Pet Nat


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