Panda Panda! Fiano

Panda Panda 2015

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Silken - Textural - Honeyed

Variety: Fiano

Region: Southern Clare Valley

Soil: Red Clay & Shale

Vintage: 2015

Winemaker's Notes

Late last year we managed to take some time out and travel to the south of Italy, and up into the mountainous region known at Avellino - the heart and home of Fiano, the variety we're revelling in. After spending a number of weeks there, we learned that Fiano was widely regarded at the Riesling of the south. It's insane ability to retain acid, and intense aromatics have led Fiano di Avellino producers to recommend cellar ageing for many well-regarded Fiano. Considering we're on a Fiano-trip, and the parallels were drawn - Fiano, and Riesling - we had to put that to the test. There are few noble varieties that can withstand considerable residual sugar in an off-dry fashion - Riesling, Chenin Blanc, Semillon - all noble varieties. Could it be possible that Fiano is similar? We started by separating a section of Clare Valley fruit, displaying austere acidity, on predominately slate and shale soil, crafted it with minimal skin contact and wild-fermented separately to the rest of the batch. We'd love to tell you how much residual sugar there is in this wine, but the reality is - we don't know. The end-point of fermentation was determined by taste. No malolactic fermentation. In further exploration of our Asian-inspired food culture - we declared this wine Panda Panda! An incredibly acid-driven wine, lean texture - hinting at the waxiness this variety is known for - and a sweetness that presents itself as a tonic to the austerity. Only 40 dozen crafted of this very curious vinous adventure.

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