Disco Caviar

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Disco Caviar
Disco Caviar
We co-fermented a couple of Brendan's favourite things: Fiano & Finger Limes. Aromatically this screams Kaffir Lime Leaf and Finger Limes. All that we love about the high octane acidity of Fiano - with a Margarita-style twist.
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Variety: Fiano
Region: Riverland
Soil Type: Ancient Sandy Limestone Soils
Vintage: 2021
Alcohol: 11.5% ABV
Volume: 750ml
Traditional Owners: Ngawait Country


Not to be outdone by the Applewood Boys Jake & Mitch - who co-fermented Davidson Plums with Moscato Giallo - our own Brendan had the idea of doing something similar with a couple of his favourite things: Fiano & Finger Limes.

Behold: Disco Caviar! 

Aromatically this screams Finger Limes, with whiffs of Kaffir Lime Leaf and fresh-cut grass, but the high octane acidity of Fiano and the saline character we see in this Riverland expressions time after time are still the core of this wine - with a Margarita-style twist.

Our most daringly delicious Funkworks wine yet?

1000 Bottles in Existence.



Funk Works

Our new side project. We've always been dedicated to pushing the boundaries of our winemaking creativity - Funk Works is the avenue where we can take that even further, place where there are no rules and we can break the ones that we even set for ourselves. Complete Creative Freedom. The new home for our most esoteric and challenging projects - Expect the unexpected. 

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