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Got a geeky question? Can't sleep without know the slope, elevation, exposition and rainfall rate of just that particular clone of Nero d'Avola or Fiano? Really need to know the pH, TA, and Total Sulphur of any of our wines? 
Well, we got pretty tired of preparing up mountains of 'geek sheets' - often used in the trade - printed out, read once, never understood - then tossed away. When we thought about it properly - we considered: 'why not give ya'll a direct line to the winemakers themselves?'. They're the wine geeks of all wine geeks! 
So that's what we've done! Any curly questions? Fill in this contact form - and it'll go directly to Brendan and Laura. Now, they're busy people - so it might take a couple days to get back to you - but they promise that every message will be read, and every non-troll responded to! 
Happy Geeking You Geeky Geeks!

What's Your Curly Question?

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