What Harvest Wine Is My Dog?

What Harvest Wine Is My Dog?

Full disclaimer we are a dog crazy bunch of people here at Unico Zelo. So when the chance came up for us to take our most accessible and sustainable wines and distill their personality into certain dog breed personalities - we were keen! Heck even one of our wines is named after our Founder's dog, Truffles!

First up we thought we'd start with our Blanc de Blanc a fresh and zippy sparkling Chardonnay. The ultimate party starter and crowd pleaser - like this dog - also loaded with brioche and lemony vibes. We couldn't look past the affable Golden Retriever - equally as bubbly, friendly and reliable to pop a smile on your face. 

Perhaps the most polarising wine we make, you either love or hate Sauvignon Blanc. Full of ripe passionfruit with a touch of the classic grassy character that is synonymous with this variety. You might feel the same about Chihuahuas, with their lively and big personalities - a small dog with a big dog attitude. For us these comical and devoted little doggos have a special place in our heart.

Our most hard working wine on any table is our Pinot Gris - from roast chicken, to vege bakes and roast pork this wine is highly energetic and with generous tropical fruit it works a treat with most foods. What dog is equally as practical and responsive? A Border Collie - the smart and intense workaholic.

French Bulldogs are known for their bright and playful demeanour and maybe a little posh similar to our Chardonnay. A carefully crafted wine that has a small footprint in terms of oak use. The creamy texture is layered with acidity and minerality. Both Chardy and Frenchies demand attention and are so loveable.

Svelte and charming look no further than our Pinot Noir, or a Greyhound. Full of red berries, a lick of spice and silky tannins - definitely on the leaner side and a placid example of the variety that can be powerful and structured. Gentle and elegant greyhounds are some of the most placid dogs going around, but if you let them loose they can run wild - we'll take a more chilled out Pinot today thanks!

A little big wine and a little big dog. Our Syrah is powerfully spicy and savoury while still not being the most intense Syrah/Shiraz around. Staffordshire Bull Terrier or affectionately known as a Staffy this dog despite its looks is a lover and not a fighter. We feel the same about Syrah - it’s got this bad rap for being a big and huge wine but we love crafting it on the sleeker and more enjoyable side.

Well there you have it, what did you think our our Harvest Wine and dog breed pairings? What grape variety do you think your dog is? We'd love to meet your pooch, feel free to email us your best wine dog photo to hello@unicozelo.com.au 

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