A Couple of Ways to Enjoy Unico Caffè

A Couple of Ways to Enjoy Unico Caffè
We've just launched our new liqueur, Unico Caffè and so we've put together a couple of cocktails that you can easily make at home with your new favourite coffee liqueur.
Unico Caffè is crafted to be delicious, yet incredibly versatile. If cocktails aren't your thing, Unico Caffè is also delicious on the rocks - just add 30ml to a glass with ice and enjoy.
But don't let us stop you there, we want to see what you create with Unico Caffè!

Espresso Martini

It goes without saying - but we'll say it anyway - that coffee liqueur truly shines in an espresso martini. It's a super simple, super tasty treat perfect for before or after dinner - or even both!
60ml Unico Caffè
30ml Vodka/Whisky/Brandy
30ml Fresh Espresso
Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice & shake, shake, shake!
Strain into your favourite cocktail glass and enjoy. 

Caffé Highball

If you're looking for a fresh new way to enjoy coffee liqueur - look no further than our new Caffè Highball! This lightly fizzy delight is perfect for sipping any time of day. Super refreshing!
50ml Unico Caffè
10ml Amontillado
15ml Brandy
60ml Cold Brew Coffee
15ml Soda 
Build in Highball glass with ice and enjoy.

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