Summer Pairings for our Harvest Wines!

Summer Pairings for our Harvest Wines!

Ahhh the summer is here in all its glory. Fighting through those last few weeks of the working year and balancing events with friends and family each weekend, and for those working in Hospitality and Retail, you're fighting the good fight and your days in the sun will come soon enough! But the summer needs wine and lucky for you, we've put together a little 6 pack - our Harvest Holiday Pack - chock full of wines from our Harvest Project to support Adelaide Hills growers! These wines are essentially built for ANY situation this holiday season, and pretty much any food on the table or off it. So if you need some inspiration for Christmas Lunch or the weeks on end you're gonna spend on the beach while you're Out of Office, we've got your ultimate holiday pairing survival guide right here. Happy Holidays Guys! Ya'll deserve a real good one after this rollercoaster of a year - Cheers!

Harvest Blanc de Blancs - Oysters and a Spritz

It's a no brainer - Sparkling Chardonnay and Oysters. Champagne and those glorious little nuggets of the sea are a time old classic, but drinking local is on the rise and that's what we're all about, so Harvest Blanc de Blancs is a perfect example of good sparkling wine when champagne is just a bit too lux. But the BEST thing you can do with this bad boy is whack it in a spritz! Whether it be Aperol or Campari (or Økar 😉), it's a perfect little spritely number to level up the ultimate drink of summer. 

Harvest Sauvignon Blanc - Fish & Chips

From henceforth I proclaim the end of the Sauvignon Blanc shaming era. Yes, it's a bit daggy, something your Grandma drinks exclusively, but much like Merlot and Cabernet, they make some delicious and essential wines. If you've not had some really good Sancerre or Pouilly-Fumé you've not truly experienced Savvy B. But even the much-maligned Adelaide Hills Sauv Blanc has its place, and I'll tell you where: the beach, a tumbler (or some Unico Zelo branded Go-Vinos), with a parcel of fish and chips. I'm telling you, this is a dream pairing. Salt and Sauv are made for each other. This ain't about complexity, this is about pure refreshment. Step into the light!


Harvest Pinot Gris - Grilled Squid or Peach Salad

Pinot Gris is like the classy cousin of Sauvignon Blanc, or the more mature older sister - they've just grown up a bit, started Uni and been steeled by heartbreak. Pinot Gris is a real food-friendly grape variety too, the acidity is not shy and it's just got a supple texture to die for - a perfect fit for a summer lunch table. Two ways to go here I think: For you pescatarians, bitta grilled squid with a lick of chilli is an absolute stunner, but for you vegetarians, sub out the squid for some grilled peaches, honey and a lick of chilli is a dream too (and if you're a full meathead, chuck in a lil bit of prosciutto 😎). Pinot Gris is still ultra-versatile, so get creative for the festive season!

Harvest Chardonnay - Roast Chook or Potato Bake

 Chardonnay is the ultimate crowd-pleaser (if it's not toooo oaky that is). Good acid, texture, fruit weight, structure and all the stuff we love about wine - alongside being brilliant with the right food. Now with our Harvest Chardonnay, it's not your average oaky number, we've dialled that element waaaaay back, which means it can handle a little bit of richness. If you're serving a nice buttery style roast chook on the 25th of December or any of the dates around, this is the ultimate wine for that, but another little uncouth paring would be the beloved potato bake. Yup, speaking of crowdpleasers, potato bake might be the best holiday platter staple. Guaranteed it's the first to go EVERY family event (prove me wrong, @ me). Bet you didn't know what to pair with it? Here's your answer.

Harvest Pinot Noir - Summer Fruit Salad

A summer fruit salad is one of those things that just seems to be perpetually in the fridge come December and beyond (until the fruit is out of season at least). Lots of Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries, ALL the berries, with good tropical mates Mango, Pineapple, Kiwi Fruit and maybe some Banana - a medley of sheer joy! Pinot Noir is also a sheer joy, as it's juicy puckering red fruits and lively acidity is just as delightful as its subtle tannin. Something that enhances the flavour of all those delightful fruits, but a dose of structure to make it that little bit more-ish. And if you chuck the Pinot in the esky or the fridge, you've just levelled up. Not too bad at midday if I say so myself...


Harvest Syrah - Kangaroo Burgers or Roasted Beets

Nothing beats a summer BBQ. Snags a la Bunnings, skewers, grilled meats, onions, tomatoes, not to mention ham and eggs on Christmas morning. It's an essential part of our culture in this country. Much like one half of our coat of arms - the kangaroo! While some may deem it odd that we eat a national emblem, kangaroo is one of the best animal proteins around, as it's stupidly high in protein and one of the more sustainable meats you can eat (they're all wild and there is a LOT of them, and a bit of a pest to farmers around the country). It just so happens that they taste delicious and are great on a burger - especially with the extra Aussie-ness of beetroot! Add some rocket, swiss cheese, tomato and aioli, you've got yourself a belter pairing for a spicy cool-climate Syrah - oh look! Harvest has one! That's awesome! You should buy some, it's yummy. And if you're understandably adverse to eating our wondrous icon, try this bloody epic Hasselback Beetroot recipe from the beloved Yottam Ottolenghi (and there are a few extra awesome ones there too!)


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