Netflix and Chill...ed Reds!

Netflix and Chill...ed Reds!-Unico Zelo


Ah Netflix, the staple of the 21st century home life: returning from work, Sunday afternoons, finding that groove that you’ve imprinted on a well-loved couch you’ve probably had for way too long but are far too fond of to replace - perfectly paired with 20 minutes of scrolling through the recommendations screen until you actually stumble upon something to watch (or the same episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine again).

It’s a contemporary past time enjoyable either with or without company.

Another contemporary past time that seems to be increasing rather than decreasing (especially in climates like Australia) is the chilling of red wine. It’s an idea that may make some of your parents/grandparents/uncles shudder but it’s a more enjoyable way to drink - especially in warmer months!

So we’ve created a little guide of our favourite films/series currently showing on Netflix, paired with one of our favourite chill-able reds for any ‘Netflix and Chill’ situation - a pizza party, pasta alone, just mates or perhaps ‘hoping to be something more’.

Just Friends (2 Pax Max)

Unico-Zelo-Blog-Netflix-Lionsgate-John-WickNetflix: John Wick - Picture - Lionsgate

The age of the Matthew McConaughey renaissance (or McConaissance if you will) is over.

There is a new king: Keanu motherf***in’ Reeves ya’ll!

Don’t get it twisted, Keanu has had a long and lucrative career, particularly through the 80s and 90s with Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and The Matrix of course most notably, but of late our dear Keanu is seemingly having a second peak in his career, likely due to HOW EFFIN GOOD JOHN WICK IS. This is fast, fun, gripping and heartwarming action that is far too rare. This is in that Die Hard realm of timeless action flicks, where if you’ve got a couch, a mate and nothing important to do, you can smash this out, have a munch on some snacks and a cruisy glass of wine for the evening in. Luckily John Wick: Chapter 2 is also available on Netflix, and at the time of writing, John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum is in cinemas now! I smell a marathon....

Unico-Zelo-Blog-Wine-Lino-Ramble-Nero-D’AvolaThis wine is waaaaaay too much fun! Lino Ramble have been on our radar for a bit now, playing around with some of the varieties we love, and a few more that excite us - and are absolutely smashing it. This one is a standout for us: the Pee Wee, it’s a Novello style of our favourite red grape Nero d’Avola, and an absolute slurper. Tastes of young cherries, Allen’s raspberry lollies and a hint of Cottee’s Red Cordial, but bone dry. Devilishly more-ish.

You’ll be cracking into another bottle by the time you see the opening credits of
John Wick: Chapter 2.

Squad Catch Up (4+)


Netflix: I Think You Should Leave - Picture - The New Yorker

This is a big night in. The weather sucks. No one really wants to go out. You’ve got just enough cash for a pizza and an appropriately affordable bottle of wine. It’s time to decide on a mutual location (your house) and have a good ol’ movie night - or sketch comedy series night...  I Think You Should Leave is short sharp and irreverent series from the mind of Tim Robinson based on the concept that there is always one person in a situation who really just needs to bloody leave. It manages to balance the impossibly fine line of cringeworthy (but hilarious), with guest starring roles from Andy Samberg, Alan Alda, Tim Hidecker, and a particularly hysterical sketch with underrated genius, Will Forte. This is group-viewing at it’s finest.


The in-house favourite chillable. It’s our ‘pinot-esque’ savoury dry red that loves a cut'la ice cubes in it. It’s a crunchy little number with awesome, sour cherry vibes with a herbal, almost  Campari-style edge to finish it off. It’s a devilishly drinkable wine: you’ll be seeing the bottom of the bottle before you know it.

The Hound is always hungry for some spicy cured meats - preferably on top of pizza. Chilli oil optional but recommended. Highly. 

Let’s Be More Than Friends

Unico-Zelo-Blog-Netflix-Ferris-Bueller’s-Day-OffNetflix: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off - Picture - Netflix

Okay - we’ve all been here - you’ve got this friend, you’ve been hanging out for a few months, you’re close but wanna be closer. You’ve caught - gasp - the feels. While this is an awkward situation (documented in way too many bad high school movies), you need a night, just the two of you, to help kick things off. Movie night in? Perfect. What movie? Something charming, funny and universally adored -

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. No brainer!

You’ll have both not seen it in a while and will be charmingly reminded of the timeless joy that exudes from this film.

Heck! This in an impressive wine made for impressing. Tarrant Hansen has been making some striking wines for a few years under the Spider Bill label and this is one of our favourite Dolcettos around! Big brambly red fruits, juicy cherries, sweet almost nutmeg spice - everything nice we love about this variety. Notes from the big dawg Brendan Carter?

“Best Dolcetto I’ve seen come out of Australia. Hands Down. Very Jealous”.

A go-to grape for a go-to film. Let this spark something.

Seal The Deal

Netflix: Chef - Picture - IMDb

You’ve gone on a couple of dates, he’s a cool dude but a lil’ shy - he needs some coaxing. What better way than a good bottle of red, a slammin’ platter of plump olives, various cheeses, meats cured and smoked to varying degrees (whatever your heart desires). You’ll need a film that’s light and wholesome enough to entertain you, but not so entertaining that you’re wildly gripped on the outcome. Chef straddles this line perfectly - a Jon Favreau writer/director/starring film brimming with smiles, laughs and (there is no other way to put it) excessive amounts of food porn.

Seriously you will salivate, prepare to make cheese toasties for the next week.

You’ll be obsessed, while also googling where you can find the best Cubano in your area. But by the end, after the platter has been engorged you’ll have your heart well and truly warmed by the tale of a chef and his son - that’s if you make it to the end...


This is the perfect wine when you wanna get a little bit more serious, as this wine has got just the right amount of edge to it. It’s something a little bit more complex from the funky pair from Great Southern Andries and Yoko Lüscher-Mostert. It’s jumping out the glass with plums and under-ripe strawberries, with a cool whole-bunch herbal spice. Dare I say it but it’s got - excuse my french - shades of Burgundy to it, varietal A.F. It’s fantastic with a bit of a chill but it’ll develop as it warms up while you get… distracted… Pi-Oui Chef!

We’re Pretty Comfortable Here

Netflix: Parts Unknown - Picture - New On Netflix

Ahh. The stress of a new relationship is over. The honeymoon period has faded away whilst you and your loved one are well-settled and comfortable, date nights are further and further away. The couch and a bowl of pasta is a staple night. But you’re ready to dive into a new adventure: start travelling, seeing the world, getting out of this comfort zone you’ve settled into. Let Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown be an inspiration. The Peabody Award-winning series being added to Netflix shortly after the avid travellers tragic passing. A truly moving viewing, a great insight into so many cultures across the globe - and of course the wildly mouthwatering food.

This is the apex of foodie viewing.

You’ll be booking flights to Vietnam, or Iran, or Japan before you know it. This will scratch your feet.

Chilled Red: Lucy Margaux ‘Summer of Love’ Red Blend


If we’re on the subject of exploring and itchy feet,

Lucy Margaux is the parts unknown of the wine world you should be dipping your toes into.

From the mind of Anton von Klopper, his wines are approached with a dogmatic attitude - nothing added, just those fermented grapes we all love. They’re wild, eccentric, but you’re always going to come away with something. This - for the purposes of this article, the aptly named - ‘Summer of Love’ is a bright fun, eclectic red blend, bursting with strawberries and rose petals with acidity that puts a skip in your step. It’s an eye widener that’s for sure - loads of character - it’s got it’s own sense of adventure that even Bourdain would admire, something to get you in the mood to get off the couch and into the world.

We’re Way too Comfortable Here


Netflix: Peaky Blinders - Picture - Metro UK

You’ve been together for a few years now. Excitement is few and far between but you’ve found that person you want to split all your bottles of wine with. It’s a nice feeling, but you’re needing something to experience together worth sinking your teeth into, something to share with that cheeky bottle. If you haven’t already, Peaky Blinders is definitely something to nibble on. It’s gritty, it’s raw but it’s a top tier crime series with a stellar cast - Cillian Murphy, Sam Neill, Tom Hardy, Adrien Brody, Noah Taylor just to name a quick few popping up at different points throughout the series. Not sold yet? Nick Cave’s ‘Red Right Hand’ is the theme song - with an equally badass soundtrack to accompany it - think The White Stripes, PJ Harvey, Arctic Monkeys, The Kills. Phoar. Worth more than a quiet few nights in. 


This is the couch wine to end all couch wines.

This the answer to the question ‘can you just pick up a nice light red on your way home?’

The great Hugh Guthrie has knocked it out the park with this fun little blend of Pinots Meunier and Noir, Syrah and a splash of Chardonnay, a crunchy, bright little smasher. Nice light berries are in abundance here, with and awesome creamy texture, with an acidity that rips right through it - think Yoplait! Very comforting, a drinker not a thinker. Put on another episode. 

*All guest wines were purchased at Parade Cellars in Norwood, Adelaide
Cheers Legends!

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