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This one was actually a request from our Founder and Winemaker Brendan - I was going to do Smiths Crinkle Cut (which will still be coming), but the most addictive cylinder full of potatoes going around is one of BC's favourite snacks! Their own addage of 'Once You Pop You Can't Stop' rings true, a truly inhale-able tube of fun, with their classic flavours just being so damned good. Now we're here again to do the thing that literally no one asked for - and that's pair wine to Pringles. We're only going to be sticking to the core and traditional flavours for the most part here, none of these gimmicky one off flavours that come round the block every so often, strictly O.G. Man this was a fun time pairing - lets's get snacking!

Pringles - Original

Original - Vermintino

Honestly, a pretty damn good chip for something that is as plain as anything. Salt level is pretty medium, good crunch and a really nice rounded, almost cheesy, umami flavour. Yum. Needs some more salinity and a really good textural vibe - Vermentino is absolutely perfect for it, total beach vibes for this chip. Our great mate Con Greg from Delinquente makes a ripper with his Screaming Betty. Just like an afternoon party with some beach cricket. Phoar - sounds good. Why must it be winter...

Pringles - BBQ

BBQ - Mataro 

These are a friggin meaty chip! Saline with this awesome cured meat character, total Spanish Jamon vibes, with that nice little lick of buttery-ness. Needs something medium body and medium tannin that really helps the snacky vibes. Mataro is an incredibly underrated variety - or if we're talking Spain, Monastrell - and we've got a few rippers in Australia. Bondar our of McLaren Vale make a ripper small batch Mataro. Exactly what we're looking for. Maybe we should put Jamon on these chips.

Pringles - Salt and Vinegar

Salt & Vinegar - Fino

There is something about Salt & Vinegar chips that you really need to nail chip compainies: the Salt to Vinegar ratio is CRUCIAL. Thankfully, the team behind Pringles have nailed this. Spiffingly good. There is this extra layer of almost Kombu/Kelp-y flavour that really brings the extra intrigue, and if i say so myself, these are a pretty complex chip! Needs a something that can handle it. Bitta Fino will do the trick here, and if you can get your hands on it, the legends down in Beechworth from Pennyweight have got a ripper Fino style Apera - Bio-Dynamically farmed too! Bring back the Fortifieds!

Pringles - Sour Cream and Onion

Sour Cream & Onion - Something Fun and Funky. 

The undisputed champion of Pringles. The best. So much joy.  Once You Pop You Can't Stop indeed. In the top tier of chips, Pringles or otherwise. Suck all that flavour powder off and crunch away. If you really want to drink something with these, because I reckon the entire tube will be gone by the time a cork is even popped, grab something a bit wilder, decent lick of tannin and some oxidative funk. We're talking Orange/Amber/Skin Contact Wine. The legends from down in Margaret River from Blind Corner make a ripper with their Ørange (they note that it's named after the colour - to avoid any confusion). Nice grain of tannin, all the juicy stone fruit you want in a wine like this, just rip into both of these and enjoy the heck out of em. Get the party started. 

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