Junk Food Wine: Arnott's Assorted Creams Pt.2

Junk Food Wine: Arnott's Assorted Creams Pt.2-Unico Zelo


We're back again snacking on bulk biccies like we're on an infinite smoko! Honestly, the sugar rush is pretty wild, but there are more flavours to pair wine to for really no reason except a genuine curiosity and of course: content. We've covered all the awesome biscuits that are in the incredible value Assorted Creams pack - but there are still plenty that still have their own individual packets! These are the dark horses, and honestly, a lot of these need more love because a lot of them are bloody delicious and trump some of those in the value pack! So let's stop stalling and lets get snacking!


Lemon Crisp - Txakoli


Honestly a pretty fun little biccy here. The filling is creamy, there is plenty of lemon flavour, and the biscuit is crispy and light! Well put together stuff, but the best thing? The biscuit has salt on it. Just the right amount of salt too. This brings wine to the party in a BIG way! The best wine for this bad boy? One of our favourite styles of wine: Txakoli. It rhymes with Shaq, it's super high acid, so high acid that it makes Riesling look whimpy, textural to boot and slightly frizzante! So much fun - if you've not tried it, get some. It'll change your life. Best drunk in tumblers. Get this one off Different Drop and thank us later!

Custard Creme - Rousanne


This leaves the shortbread cream in the dust. Taking bland and turning the dial up to 11 to make this biscuit: pretty good! The cream really just has that extra richness going for it and it's just so much more inviting and satisfying to eat. That crumb still needs a bit of texture so a nice textural, richer style white will do the trick - time for Roussanne! A lovely, underrated and delicious style of white from the Rhone Valley that's found a great home in McLaren Vale and an even better home at Yangarra, one of the more boundary pushing wineries of the region. Lots of organics, they love Southern Rhone varieties - Roussanne being one of their favoured white grapes. Old oak, lees worked, very yum. Perfect introductiuon to the variety with some good biccies.


Creamy Chocolate - Cab Sauv


It's a rectangular delta cream. Nothing wrong with it, but it's really better than the delta cream because it stops it from trying to be an Oreo. Also it's bigger. It could probably handle a pretty beefy red wine so Cabernet Sauvignon is the variety for you! Oft insulted, still delicious. Margs or Coonawarra is always the question - both iconic, both classic. Lets go Coonawarra this time. Dormilona's is awesome, purity of fruit, naturally made, organically farmed. Yum. A cracking combo for a campfire. 


Venetian - Chardonnay


Honestly I had not tried a Venetian before writing this article and i'm really mad about it because PHOAR these are good biccies. Passionfruit icing over a delightfully crumbly and buttery biscuit base? Too good! I feel like these are staples at every Nanna's house and clearly my Nannas have been sleeping on these. Loving them. The texture and acid from a Chardy would be delightful for these, you don't want something too oaky, so a neat barrel fermented, old oak style would be perfect. Our mate Aaron Fenwick makes some really delicious stuff with Comme Ci Comme Ca that would be real good - even Nanna will love it! Natchies and Venetian with Nanna - sounds delightful. 

Raspberry Shortcake - Dolcetto


The best thing about the Raspberry Shortcake is that they've managed to capture the essence of the jam casing of a Monte Carlo and make that the star of this biccy. It's chewy, sweet and tart in all measure inside a structurally sound biscuit. Pretty yum! Needs a little bit more fruit flavour though but that's what we have wine for and Dolcetto brings more fruit to the party than most varieties. Big, bright and jubey joy a plenty, Adelina make a ripper one out of Ashton. Or you could grab some Jungle Jungle from us while it's around! Regardless, Raspberry Shortcake and Dolcetto - can't be beat. 

Iced Vovo - Crisp Dry Rose

Ahh the Iced Vovo. Full of childhood wonder and powered by nostalgia. Chewy, creamy, coconutty goodness, a wonderful biscuit that no one on this earth could possibly hate on, it's just too delightful! The best thing you can do is revisit these biccies on a warm afternoon under the sun, with a crisp glass of a dry rose. Nothing too dense, nothing too rich, definitely nothing too sweet - we're talking real Bondi Water here, lean clean and mean. One of our faves at the minute is Somos' Barbera Rosé - crisp without sacrificing texture, Amari vibes with plenty of bitter orange vibes but gosh it's just a slurper of a rose. Yummo stuff from the Vale. Ripping with an Iced Vovo.

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