It's Over: Our Highlights of 2020

It's Over: Our Highlights of 2020

Well, it's over. Finally. It felt like it would not end, but 2020 is done. While this year threw plenty at us, drought and it's resultant bushfires, and there was something else that escapes me, some other huge thing... ah - i just can't remember! Without mincing words, it was bloody tough, we've had a massive year. It took a huge effort from every single member of our incredible team, but we pulled off some stuff we're incredibly proud of. So we're gonna reflect just a touch, sit back, and as we have a party planned for the team tomorrow to round out the year, we thought we'd string together the best bits, or at least our favourite things that we did this year. Because while there were plenty of low lights, it's good to shine a light on the good. None of our amazing achievements would have been possible without you and your support. Each interaction - big or small - that we were able to have with you all has meant to much to us all here at Unico Zelo! Enjoy the holidays everyone - cherish them. 


New Year, New Me: We re-released our Dolcetto as Jungle Jungle donating 1% of the profits ongoing to 1% for the planet!

Bless the CFS: We raised $5900 for the Gumeracha CFS after the Cudlee Creek Bushfires with some mixed Harvest by Unico Dozens! They were able to purchase a warning siren for their HQ.


Our New Look Untamed Release!

March (When Shit Hit The Fan):

We Kicked off the Wine For The People Livestream!


We Supplied "ISO-Vino" Packs to help ya'll Through the Throws of Isolation


Brendan's 30th Birthday Special Livestream!

We Launched A Brand New Wine: Pastafarian!


Esoterico on CBS America!!!

Australia.Com Livestream Takeover!


We Launched "Thirst Aid Kit", a New Wine Survival Kit 

 We Ran A Toastie Competition to find Australia's Best Toastie 
(it's Proof Wine Bar's Mushroom & Truffle Toastie)



We Kicked Off Our Funkworks Project With Txak Atak!

Livestream Highlight: Cheese for the People!



Wine For the People: Episode 100 - Roast the Host.
(We Raised Nearly $10,000 for Scarf & COVID-EAD!)


Funkworks Drop #2: Off-White!

Our First Pet-Nat: Sea Foam!

October + November

Roadtrip! We Live Streamed From A Whole Raft of Awesome Locations Across Australia!

 Awards! We Won Some!

- Brendan Carter: 40 Under 40 (Creative Thinker)

- Laura Carter: Australian Women In Wine Awards, Owner/Operator of the Year Finalist

- Best of Wine Tourism: Innovative Wine Tourism Experience (for Wine For The People Livestream)

 - Premiers Food & Beverage Awards: Innovation in Business Award 

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