Isolation Survival Guide #3

Isolation Survival Guide #3-Unico Zelo

Week 3. Going stir crazy yet? Getting close? Yeah that's kinda how we're feeling. But we're honestly glad that we get a little time everyday to wind or wine down with you guys during our Digital Happy Hours. Honestly it's become something we've been looking forward to everyday, just a little time to reflect and have a laugh, and have a well earned drink. And most importantly, interact with you guys, answer your burning nerdy and not so nerdy questions, and hear about what you guys are drinking! If you've not tuned in before - join us at home from 5PM Adelaide Time every single day and see what all the hullabaloo is about!

But there's still plenty of content to enjoy! We're still trawling through the web to find the best content to keep us occupied, reading books, deep diving into YouTube listening to whatever music and PODCASTS - how good are podcasts! Plenty of things to keep the brain working - here you go! 


Al Time™ by Alister Robertson 

Alister Robertson is one of Australia's loveliest wine people. If you've been in the Adelaide wine scene in the last decade or so, you'll have likely had a wonderful encounter with him, generally involving an epic wine recommendation - I myself (Noah, the writer) have had far too many to mention, and he's introduced me to some of my favourite wines I've ever had. Now, he's left the mainland and is now running one of Australia's coolest new wine bars in Hobart -  Sonny - where he's piecing together a tight wine list and spinning plenty of records - he's a diehard Prince fan. Lucky for us, he's put together an epically curated playlist of versatile and classic jams - Led Zeppelin, Lou Reed, James Brown, Solange and yes, plenty of Prince. Perfect for running, cooking or just relaxing. Outrageously good. 


Real Wine People

We've swapped out our Netflix section this week for an epic podcast cause we all know what you're actually watching on Netflix this week... So we've chosen this: Real Wine People with Ben Gould. Ben's the owner, grower and winemaker behind Blind Corner in Margaret River, and while his main gig is being one of the largest and best natural winemakers in the country, has an epic podcast. He's only recorded 10 episodes so far, but they've been with absolute stalwarts of the Natural wine scene in Ausrtralia (Taras Ochota, Mike Bennie, Josephine Perry, Tom Shobbrook). Each episode is insightful but not overbearingly complex, fun and easy to listen to and is quickly becoming one of Australia's premier wine podcasts. Ben if you're reading this - we'd love to be on it!


Ramen School with Adam Liaw

If you're a ramen lover - like we are - making your own ramen from scratch with give you such a great appreciation for the art form itself, and that's exactly what a good bowl of ramen is - ART. It can seem daunting to begin with, as you're gonna need to set aside a whole day, but Adam Liaw is here to help. He's created an epic YouTube series called Ramen School, where he dives DEEP into every aspect of making a good bowl. While even this, about 90 minutes worth of content, is only one tiny spec in the world of ramen, it's a great building block for your first attempt and I can guarantee, as I did this over the weekend, it will be the beginning of your new addiction. This will definitely keep that mind occupied. 


Vignette by Jane Lopes

Jane Lopes, one of Australia's finest Sommeliers, has had a pretty extroadinary journey with wine. From graduating with a degree from the University of Chicago before ending up as the Somm at Attica, it's been a turbulent ride, all very well documented in her part memoir, part wine education book: Vignette. It's ande  incredible insight into what it takes to become a Master Sommelier (Lopes was one of the entire graduating class who was stripped of their MS title due to a cheating scandal in 2018) while also balanced with vulnerable and endearing insight into her personal health struggles and relationships. This is something you can absolutely churn through, cover to cover - an extraordinary read.



Mordrelle 2014 Blanc de Blanc

Does it feel like a time for champagne? Not really. Do we still really want it? Hell yeah. Do we wanna pay through the nose for it? Absolutely not. Is there a great local alternative? HELL YES. Mordrelle is a teeeeeny producer out of the hills, who makes some of the best value for money sparkling wine anywhere in Australia, period dot finished. Who doesn't want 5 year lees aged, bottle fermented, 100% Chardonnay? Yeah, that's right. No one. And if you're feeling extra special, you can pick up some of their museum releases which are looking absolutely spectacular. Buy now, thank us later. 



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