Once More With Feeling: Friday Fluff #14

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It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times, but after a solid 14 editions over many more weeks, we have decided to farewell our weekly Friday Fluff pieces. It's been fun, and during the depths of this wild and crazy year - which we're only half done with - it's been a nice little weekly relief to scour the depths of the internet for good news, positive trends and just stuff to simply give us a bit of a laugh. It's been real, but we've got some more awesome stuff coming your way very very soon - but more on that later...

Anyways, on to our cheeky booze review! This is definitely not the last time you'll get one of these bad boys, we're always trying out wines from our peers around the country because if there is one thing you guys know about us, we're damn wine nerds. As this is the last time, I thought I'd shout out one of my favourite Unico wines at the minute, and that's our Halcyon Days Nero from the Riverland. It's been one of my favourite wines we do since it was first released in 2017, and every year it continues to be. So bright, plush and refreshing - and loves a chill. So, so good. There's still a bit left from the 2019 vintage so make sure you get some while you can! And without further ado, and for the last time - ON TO THE FLUFF


The Ocean Voyages Institute Removed 103 tons of
Plastic from the Ocean in Biggest Clean Ever!

Net Removing Plastic

Chicago Residents Help 70 Year Old Ice-Cream Vendor Retire

Help Don Rosario Retire

Bonafide Legend Dylan Alcott Persuedes US Open to Re-Instate Wheelchair Competition after initially scrapping it.

Dylan Alcott

 Oscar the Cat Survives Washing Machine Ordeal Softer than Normal

Oscar the Cat

Strollin' With the Homies: Introducing 'The Dad Gang'



Here is a meme we all found very funny!

Slice of Pie Meme


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