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Friday Fluff #13

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In a wonderful, completely unplanned but wonderful happenstance, we've backed up one of the best junk food wine pairings with bakery goods to celebrating out Baker's Dozen Level of Friday Fluff Pieces! Is it worth celebrating? Who even knows - regardless, we're continuing to push on, staring in the face of doom and gloom to search for only the best, positive, inspiring and uplifting news of the week - stuff to make you smile. Some good comedy, more environmental joy and, once again, something metal - is it becoming a requirement? I hope so. 

Anyways - A booze recommendation! It's getting to that point where most of you should start going out and supporting your favourite venues (safely!!!) so hopefully, you can spot this on your favourite wine list! Our legendary mate Con Greg Grigoriou from Delinquente has got some ripper wines in his 'Hell' series and his Negroamaro et al is easily the best Negroamaro in Australia. Prove me wrong, this thing is so good, it's just so slurpable and delicious - Smashed it out the park, Greg! Love your work. On to the Fluff. 

SAVE THE BEES: Bee Populations Did Well through the Winter!

Bees and Beehive

More Metal Positivity: By this Official Black Sabbath T-Shirt and 100% of the Funds Will Be Donated to BLM

Black Lives Matter T-Shirt

Hi Comedy! It's me, Dad: Dad Jokes for Charity!

Bad Dad Jokes

Empty Amusement Park? Not A Problem, Grab the Prizes from the Ring Toss Booth and Put Them on a Rollercoaster


A Perfect Articulation of what Walking Past Someone in the Street Is Right now.




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