Enter The Blogosphere!

Enter The Blogosphere!-Unico Zelo


Well, it’s happening...Unico Zelo is finally entering the blogosphere although it’s taken quite a journey to get here...the world of wine has literally been turned upside-down (multiple times) in the last decade, and whilst the wild ride has been epic and we’ve loved every minute of it:

We collectively feel that it’s time that we take the wine chatter further and farther than it’s ever been before.

Even in today’s day and age, we’re left asking questions like: why do we still plant water-hungry varieties in warm climates? Why do we call it Shiraz? What are the perfect wines for Instant Ramen? How do you open a bottle of wine when camping and you don’t have a corkscrew? And what sneakers should we be wearing when we’re drinking Beaujolais? These are legit questions people!

These questions just aren’t being answered for us - or perhaps we’re just too young (and a little out of touch) to understand the answers - so we’re going to make some attempt to explain them ourselves, accepting that where we may be confused - others might be too!

So we’re writing this for them: those that find wine intimidating, boring, irrelevant - or just have never had a friendly initiation to the world of wine and all it entails - the culture, the people and the food - OH THE FOOD! Shit yeah!

We’re going to be completely unapologetic about this blog, and we’re going to make mistakes, piss people off, and we’ll learn from it...but most of all - we’re aiming to bring together a community of like-minded wine crew (or wine cru) to celebrate and enjoy the produce we love crafting and love sharing! 


Maybe, as a parochial yet culturally confused Australian; a beverage as simple as a glass of wine might help us to identify with some semblance of what it means to come from the sunburnt land - and perhaps it’ll help us in connecting with those from around the world in some meaningful way beyond the texts, snapchats and facebook DMs. 

Or maybe we’ll all just have a couple of laughs and fill our bellies with delicious fermented grape juice. Either or: we’re not fussed. Seriously, we don’t care if you're natural, commodity, red, white, sparkling, novice, veteran, sommelier, bartender, from amphora, from stainless with sulphur or not - whatever - we just want to share the vinous love. 


We think this is going to be a load of fun, our entire team is behind it - we’re finally going to express ourselves more than we ever have - so we welcome you to come along for the ride! 

We’ll be putting up new content on a weekly basis across this blog, along with some vlog-action on our Youtube channel - and shouting about it over the socials. Feel free to comment, smash like buttons, share it out to your mates and give us a tonne of feedback - because we can’t build a community of wine lovers without you!

So here’s to a new era - one of fun, expression, excitement and no apologies. Chin Chin! Santé! Cheers! Huzzah! Skol!


Team Unico

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