A quick chat with the artist behind Flossy!

A quick chat with the artist behind Flossy!-Unico Zelo

It's a tradition we started last year with our Rosé called Magnifique that we give an Adelaide based artist the ability to create their own label for our Rosé! This year we gave the opportunity to local up and comer Jasmine Argent. Our very own Graphix Guru Hannah Van Harskamp shot a few questions to Jasmine to get an insight to her work including the inspiration of Flossy!


Hannah Van Harskamp: A little bit about yourself?

Jasmine Argent: In three words… art, flowers and food! 

HVH: How do you describe your style of work?

JA: It really depends on where I am and what is inspiring me. I started out mainly working with watercolours, doing a lot of nature and animal inspired illustrations. I then progressed to doing a lot of botanical line work and then after visiting Japan and being inspired by the clothes and how people dressed, I got into street style and fashion illustration.

Style wise, I guess my work is quite feminine and delicate but it honestly changes all the time.

Jasmine with her final product - Flossy!

HVH: Can you talk use through the creative process?

JA: I don’t have a set process. Sometimes I think, plan and research before starting a project, other times (probably most times) I just get inspired and put a pen or paintbrush to paper.

 After getting a brief or before starting a commission though I usually spend a day or two with it in the back of my mind; thinking about the concept, colours, mediums I might use etc. I then do some research or maybe create a mood board for inspiration. I’m not really into doing lots of drafts; so I will usually jump straight into the final artwork, usually with music or a trashy TV show playing in the background.

HVH: What was your inspiration behind the piece we’ve used for Flossy Rose?

JA: The colour pink! The aim was to be bright, fun and bubbly – something that people would be attracted to and enjoy. Food was also a major inspiration for this piece; fairy floss, candy, lollipops – your classic sweet treats!

While the illustration is quite simple, it conveys a lot of character, while also creating a ‘chilled out’ vibe - perfect for warm, summer nights.

HVH: What are your goals as an artist?

JA: Just to always enjoy art and the creative process. And to always keep learning and developing my skills and techniques.


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